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Generally, the field placement host entity receives professional goodwill along with an extra set of hands and eyes from an up-and-coming student contributing within a support role.  With a receptive open mind, even the most established and experienced of hosts may, and likely will, find that a student is able to bring and share helpful ideas and fresh perspective.

A placement host:

  • Will provide encouragement;
  • Will provide candid advice and opinions;
  • Will delegate intriguing hands-on legal tasks;
  • Will educate and inform with anecdotes from experience;
  • Will assist with networking among existing connections;
  • Will share details of key contacts and special resources;
  • Will provide guidance and inspiration; and
  • Will encourage a healthy work-life balance.

I Seek a Host

The field placement is intended to provide the student with exposure to real world legal situations, and preferrably, some actual hands-on support experience.  As a Paralegal Student or Articling Candidate, you are responsible for finding a placement host or articling placement with a Law Society approved articling principal or placement host.  Sign up and start forming connections.

A placement student:

  • Will openly exhibit humility;
  • Will communicate forthcomingly;
  • Will demonstrate loyalty and respect;
  • Will adhere to confidentiality rules;
  • Will welcome constructive criticisms;
  • Will dutifully accept and perform tasks;
  • Will perform openmindedly; and
  • Will contribute effectively.

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